Spotted anyone carrying fake Bottegas?

  1. Recently, I saw a young girl (late teens -early twenties)carrying a Veneta that I thought looked a little odd (how it hung on her shoulder). I moved next to her, pretending to look at the items on the display so I could get a closer look at her bag. I was carrying my Roma at that time and as soon as she took a look at my bag, she moved away and then out of the store (I was standing about 15 feet away from the entrance). Just thought that was weird and I may have spotted a fake. How do you tell without touching the leather?
  2. I saw a lady with fake ebano Cabat at a mall. I got closer to her and figured it out by looking at the edges and the stitching of the handle.
  3. Here in Europe, fake BVs or should I better say BV-inspired bags are all over the place. but you can tell immediately, some of them even use fabric and not leather and come in a variety of truly hideous colors!
  4. i saw a lot of people use fake bvs in the mall all the time. U can tell from the material itself. It's thinner and look synthetic. The colors are hideous and there are grey bits of the 'leather' came out between the weave.
  5. I see inspired by BV everywhere including for sale at Target.
  6. I saw BVs fakes for the first time when I was in Venice this weekend and they're all over the place with horrible pleather and shiny gold hardware. You could even tell from far away that they were fake.
  7. Looks like these BV fakes are a worldwide phenomenon *shudder*. I see them in all shapes and sizes and colours and fabrics on a daily basis. Sometimes I wonder if all these women actually know they are knockoffs?