spotted a Tivoli PM at Saks LV Phoenix AZ today

  1. that was at about 4pm this afternoon MST. if you are interested, ask for Alex.

    it is a cute bag! :tup:
  2. 4pm mst? It is ~7:30pm pst...are they closed, you think?
  3. Ack, I am trying to google that number!
  4. Oh no, just saw the hours for's closed:crybaby:
  5. here is the number. 602-955-8000 then ask for the LV boutique, Alex is the SA. I think they will be open Monday from 10 am MST to 7pm MST (9-6 pacific). hope you get it!
  6. Oh, thanks, that is sweet..I will try and keep you updated!
  7. Trisha, thank you! I just spoke with Alex and ordered it, my first LV purse! He is an amazing SA!:yahoo:
  8. YEAH!:yahoo: He found me a Mahina XL in Gris, he was so sweet, I never expected anyone to follow through when I said I wanted one. this is a brand new LV boutique inside Saks, I think it will do very well! they have an amazing sales staff!

    enjoy and post pics when you get it!:tup: