Spots On My Speedy Handle :[

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  1. this was the second time i took my azur out:sweatdrop: i brought it to a basketball game :shame: yea i know what was i thinking well anyways i got lemonade on the handle and instead of turning a little darker honey colored it turned black!:confused1: can i do anything to make it worse oh and not to mention i got multiple water spots :cursing:
  2. you can try gently rubbing an eraser (either artists' eraser or one from a regular HB pencil) over the water spots to see if they'll come out. i did that with mine & it seemed to work.

    check out LV's FAQs section - there are lots of threads that address cleaning up vachetta. good luck!
  3. Did you try wiping it with baby wipes yet?
  4. im a little scared to wipe with baby wipes because ive hear it rushes the patina processes and i like my bag pale i know i cant keep it like that forever but ill try!haha

    edit: i tried dipping a qtip in clean water it helped a little but its still a dark grey!
  5. Do a search, there was a member that recently used cleansing milk (suggested to her by a long-time PF member) and it removed her stains. She even gave the brand name cleaning milk and a photo and it worked for her.