Spots on Birkin

  1. I have a rouge Birkin and got a ballpoint pen mark on the front, any ideas on removing it, without hurting the bag...and not sending it to Hermes?
  2. :shocked: already answered that in the other thread and i would be very careful with experiments on my birkin and not use anything not recomended by hermès.
    why are so against going into the store btw?
  3. Definitely not against going to the store....I thought maybe someone knew something I didn't.
    By the way, I had a gold Dogone....took it to Milan and they couldn't get out ink. Then it was sent to NYC, through my local was better, but never off
    This site is sooo dangerous...absolutely fires up the purse addiction .
    Thank you again
  4. LSE, there's just no simple trick for pen. I've heard it's the most difficult stain to clean but Claude in NYC is a genuis. Give it a try! :smile:
  5. Thank you...thank you...will csll and send to the NYC store.
    PS: I know you have been around the Birkin world for a do you feel about the shoulder B?
  6. Was this for me or Lilach? hehe - anyway, I answered your other thread about the JPG Birkin. :smile:
  7. in case it was for me . i came to the conclusion i love it and wanna have t in orange ostrich with gold hardware :love: :flowers: