Spots/Hair? HELP Please

  1. Ok this is going to be quite a strange question and i dont really know where to start.

    I have parts on my body where my skin is totally clear but the rest has these kind of spots. i dont mean pimple spots. but they do kind of look like goosepimples. im not sure if its like where hair grows through or something.

    but anyway i was wondering if anyone knew of anything that could clear this up? its not like it feels bad because it just feels smooth, but it doesnt look great and i would like to do anything to get rid of it.
    like i said theres parts of my body where the skin is totally smooth and theres not one spot or theres no hair and then the other parts its spotty.

    i find it was worse when i was younger, because the parts that are nice and clear now were the same as the spotty parts. they just kind of cleared up over the years. which is weird.
  2. I have not heard of this so I may not be much help- I dont think you can really get a product for this. But have you tried your doctors? Does it seem to appear when the weather changes? Maybe the heat/ cold could effect it?
  3. I will save the day !! I am an Esthetician( Facialist) and Nutritionist. Are you getting the spots on the back of your arms? your face?
    Two things, Vitamin A deficiency and essential fatty acid deficiency. Get Some flax oil, or a combination of flax and borage oil. You can even get Cod Liver oil- It will not only help your skin, but your mental well being too.
    The condition is keratosis pilaris- basically a thickening of the hair follicle or a blockage. If that's indeed what you have , a cream with salicylic acid will loosen the dead layers and smooth it out. I hope this helps!
  4. Hi

    thankyou very much. I do get it on my arms but not my face. my arms have pretty much cleared up now, theres only a bit to get rid of.

    Do you actually recommend any type of cream? Im not great at knowing what to get or what to do.

    Thanks again
  5. i'm not sure what they have in the UK. Try to google creams with salicylic acid or lactic acid. usually pharmacists/ Stockists.
    if you can find Environ it is a phenomenal line. Try
    or you can google it. if you are coming to LA there is lots of Environ here.
    Try they are the US distributors for it.
  6. Thanks, the only thing thats coming up is acne cream.

    I could always buy it from the states as im going towards the end of the month. Just not sure what to look for.