Spotlight's on me!

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  1. I went to the outlet to return something and couldn't resist this one anymore... I have seen it but thought I didn't NEED it... Well, I DO! :yahoo:
    Do you have one? Do you love yours? Poppy Amethyst Spotlight!

    Note: Forgive the pajamas... ;)

    Attached Files:

  2. Very pretty! I almost got that same bag in blueberry, but went for the smaller Starlet satchel-type bag instead cause Im a shortie! Love it on you. REALLY love the amethyst color, too. Enjoy it!
  3. Lovely and it looks great on you! Enjoy it!!
  4. Cute!! Love the color and congrats!!
  5. I just love this color....keep resisting the tote in this color...sigh!!
    She looks great on you!! Congrats!!
  6. I love the color. Congrats!!
  7. i love your bag!!! i want that one so bad. do you mind telling the price?
  8. Love that color!
  9. love it
  10. I have this one in black and I LOVE it!! Congrats, the amethyst is very pretty! I wear mine crossbody often!
  11. Very pretty, love the color! Enjoy!
  12. Congrats!
  13. Lovely! I have the identical bag in Black (Licorice) and love it! It's so big and easy to carry.
  14. I bought that one too!
  15. I think that's a beautiful color. I would have loved to get it as well...I just wish the double straps were longer so that it can be worn on the shouder.