Spoting fake R&R jeans?

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  1. I am trying to find some R&R embroidered crowns. Just like these. (Thanks to Chaz for originally posting the pic)


    However besides hanging out in Marshalls hoping for some random pair to show up I can't think of anywhere to possibly get them besides Ebay.

    Are there any key things to look for to spot an obvious fake?

    I am a size 8 jeans. What size should I look for in these? Would it be the same if I get the crystals? And if they are used do I need to take in acct shrinking? Thanks!
  2. do you own any other premium denim? those are crystal foam dark vapor crowns and they run tts
  3. you look for stitching and sizing of the crown. the crown should fill the pocket HOWEVER as the size increases the crowns will fill less b/c only the pocket is getting bigger

    look at the over all wash, it shouldn't be streaky

    on fakes the crystals will look cheap and plastic like
  4. R&R doesn't shrink

    R&R sizing isn't like regular US sizing. R&Rs range in size from 23-32
  5. ntegra is a pro and is totally all knowing when it comes to R&R!

    if you find a pair on ebay or something, id post the pics and ask people to authenticate them. its much easier to tell when you can look at it.
  6. yes, post pics so we can authenticate them for you, bad washes are a common giveaway for fakes
  7. i saw a girl in those jeans today, and i thought they were fabulous. sorry i just had to say that--good luck finding them!
  8. Lemondrop,I'm a UK size 6/8 and I went for 25's,they were a bit too snug at first,but the sa said they would 'give out' a little and she was right,if I had gone for the size up,they would have hung off me and lost that super sleek fit.I'll upload some pics of mine for you,I'll get hubby to do some modelling shots for me,and I'll do a couple of close ups of the pockets etc,so it gives you a lil reference to work with while your looking for a pair.xx
  9. ^ yes but that depends on what wash you're getting. R&R sizing depends almost entirely on wash
  10. Ok,some close ups of details I think could be useful to you.

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  11. And here are a couple more with a pic of me wearing them,and I have just read another post that says it depends on the wash for the size,I don't know what wash these are to elaborate on the size more for you,maybe ntegragsr will know,and give you a much better bit of info on it that I can...

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  12. keep in mind tho that different ones that came out at different times will have different tags
  13. ^^^^^^ So if I was to try and get a pair without trying them on,I could have real problems? I have been thinking of getting a pair online from the US the dvb star ones,I tried a new season pair on and 27's fit really well.Or are her own range away from R+R more consistent in sizing? Would just like to know before I take the step and end up with a pair of ill fitting jeans!! Tia!!