Spot the Coach!

Jun 18, 2008
Ok, my mom and I have started creating a game similar to the old "Slug Bug" game where you spot out a Volkswagon Beetle call out "slug bug" and its color and you get a point. Well since there is a Coach outlet in my area, it seems that everyone is now carrying a Coach purse (including my mom and myself (Mine is a vintage messenger bag). Anyway we've come up with this habit of pointing out women with coach purses and keeping score of who can spot the most. It's kinda childish, I know, but it sure helps pass the time.


May 14, 2008
DH and I do something similar, though we don't keep score for it and we tend to try to distinguish the real from the fakes. Nothing wrong with it, whether you play it with another or do it alone.


Feb 26, 2009
oh god!
sooo true!
the other day i was craning my neck inside the crowded train during rush hour just to have a look at this one lady with huge signature tote bag that i have not come across before..
only to realised later that it was a fake with "G"s all over aligned nicely instead of "C" .. bummer..
Jun 18, 2008
Here's the rules to how my mum and I play it

1) who ever can spot the most coach bags by the end of the day wins
2) Signature bags (Heritage, mini, Opi) are worth +1 point
3) Non signature/Vintage are worth +2 points
4) Fakes are worth -1 point
5) Goach bags are worth -2 points