Spot fake UGGs?

  1. I wanted to buy a pair of UGGs off eBay, but have no clue what to look for to spot a fake. Are they like bags? I wouldn't think so... but just in case I want to ask. I bet they're like any other footwear?
    So clueless... I like the classic tall in the chestnut. I see those everywhere... but I'm thinking those are the color I do want. My tootsies are freezing in my stiletto preference all the time and I'm looking for more casual wear particularly in the winter so I wanted to try these and get them out of my system, haha. I love leather slouchy tall boots but no luck on finding a pair that's more in my pricerange for shoes.

  2. Hey....I have no clue how to spot fake Uggs either. But you should know that since it is almost spring, most department stores have great deals going on the boots.

    Try looking in Bloomies or at Nordstrom, as well as the websities.

    What is your preferred price?
  3. I was thinking around $100.00... which some of the UGGs I've looked at on eBay are just over that which is fine, but for everything else it seems like on sale is above that.
  4. At this point in the season your not going to be able to get Uggs for less than a hundred. I personally would not trust eBay. But to each their own.
  5. just don't buy from those china sellers they are all selling fakes
  6. Have you tried or the official Ugg boots sight? Chestnut's a great and popular color and may be hard to find. Up until recently, I'd recommend Warmbat boots. They USED TO make great sheepskin boots. But, I ordered a fourth pair recently and long story short, they kinda suck now...minus the kinda. I hate when a company doesn't stick to a successful formula.:cursing: Sheepskin boots are wonderfully comfy and toasty. I started wearin' mine again once my feet started freezing in my leather boots. I hope you find your Uggs!