Sportswear vs. Casual wear

  1. Can anyone define the difference between these two? I can't seem to see the difference...please help.
  2. In my mind - Sportswear is jogging bottoms, tracksuits, jersey shorts etc.

    Casual wear is Jeans and Combat Trousers, although I suppose I would class the Velour Juicy Jogging Bottoms as Casual wear because i wouldn't wear Velour in the Gym!
  3. Good question. I'd like to know now that you mention it.:confused1:
  4. I've often wondered the same thing. In most department stores, things like khaki pants and navy and white outfits - including blazers - are classified as Sportswear.

    I'd actually be inclined to say that, technically, casual wear is more casual than sportswear.
  5. I think in average jargon, sportswear is, like you said, athletic clothes.

    In department store terms, it tends to be organized by the brand. Most department stores don't determine between casual and formal; instead, it may be evening, businesswear, then sportswear which is any brand that shows less expensive or formal attire, so they may include blazers and other typically "formal" items if they are included in the line.