1. any sports fans here?

    what are your favorite sports to watch on tv?...........what are your teams?

    I mainly like to watch basketball (LAKERS)

    and baseball (DODGERS) as well

    and yeah dodger fans i'm still giddy after last night's game :nuts: :yahoo: :heart:

    and now i've started to like soccer as well after watching the world cup..........I miss the world cup :sad: so i've been watching a lot of mexican soccer
  2. I love basketball. The Pistons are my team. :heart:33 It sucks waiting for basketball to start again, I know my Pistons are gonna win it all this year, I can't wait!

    And I watch Hockey, the Red Wings are my fav NHL team.
  3. pistons *shudder* of course that reaction is expected coming from a laker

    and you guys don't have Ben Wallace anymore!! we'll see how that goes!

    I personally can not wait till b-ball season starts.........just a month and a half to go
  4. lol yeah I guess so, but I shudder at the lakers because I remember how rude their fans were on the message boards I went to,it's their fault I call them the Fakers lol...When we won the championship against you guys it was amazing, noone thought we could beat the "best" team in the NBA..I still say it should have been a sweep lol.

    I was heartbroken when I found out Ben was gone, but I have to move on. Kinda like when LA lost Shaq, so you know how it feels.
  5. I love college basketball (Fresno State) and college football. I am not big into professional sports except for baseball and I L O V E the Yankees!
  6. yeah it sucks cuz you get attached to players :/

    I used to like that Ben Wallace cell phone comercial that went on during the playoffs........."I love I love you more!" lol
  7. I'm a huge hockey nut! The Flames are my team of course!! I can't wait for the season to start! Only 16 more days!! :yahoo:

    I also like to watch open wheeled racing. (F1, IRL, CCWS)
  8. I am a huge NASCAR fan!!

    Go Kasey Kahne!! :love: :love:
  9. ^ He's a cutie, but he looks so young! How old is he? 20?
  10. I am a serious baseball fan. Though I like both the A's and the Giants, and hate when they have to play each other.
  11. Whatzerface...I know, he does look very young. He just turned 26.
  12. ^Wow! He's like my age then. Crazy!
  13. I love watching tennis. Marcos Baghdatis and Marat Safin are my favorite players.
  14. I'm 2 years younger..but thats okay! If I could meet one "celebrity", it would be him!! :biggrin: