Sports, Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Etc... What extracurriculars do your kids do?


Jan 23, 2007
In intermediate and high school, I did band but was not sportsy. DH did track & field.

DS (age 4) likes to sing and dance to his favorite youtube videos, does really well on his razor scooter (always remembers to ask for his helmet), and because he's always climbing, hanging upside down, and jumping off the play structures at the park, we recently enrolled him in gymnastics. So far he likes it.

His cousins play football, paddle competitive canoe, basketball, and wrestle. One likes to skateboard. Their dad is one of the high school football coaches.

DH is of the opinion that we'll let DS try and join whatever he wants... I'm concerned about his enjoying it and sticking to it long enough to gain enough competency to know whether he really enjoys it.... and of course, eventually balancing it against scholastic demands.

What do your kids do and how do you know they really enjoy it? How do you encourage them to continue practicing and sticking to it when it starts getting "hard" or "boring"? How do you balance their stuff with school?


Jan 12, 2006
Your baby is 4 already!? :faint:

All of mine {2 boys/1 girl} did gymnastics from about 3-6, it's really good for core and upper body strength w/o being too much. One of my boys had some funny swallow issues and the gastro specialist actually recommended it to us as it would strengthen all the muscles where he needed it.

We did arts and crafts at home and as they grew older they began to choose what they were interested in, mostly sports for mine.


Jun 20, 2012
Vancouver, Canada
My daughter just turned 3 and is currently taking swimming, gymnastics, and eurythmics music classes. She started swim lessons at 9 months and I'd like her to continue for as long as possible. It's a life skill and I want her to be comfortable in water. She just started gymnastics because I need her to burn energy without destroying my furniture. :biggrin: And music is always good for developing brains.

At some point, I'd like her to try ice skating, skiing, tennis, and piano -- activities that my hubby and I enjoy. But of course, it will boil down to what she likes and has an aptitude for. So I agree it's a good idea to let your kids try as much as possible and take it from there.

I'd also love to hear how parents balance activities against school -- I imagine that can be a huge challenge come high school!


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Sep 19, 2006
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Good question, so individual.

We had/have the have to do 'something' other than that we pretty much let them choose with some guidance. DS25 got bored easily and was always bouncing around, DS20 & DS14 both stuck to hockey. DD5 started with dance, but has moved onto gymnastics (which I like better, no make up and inappropriate recital costumes).

Hockey, baseball, basketball, football, gymnastics, dance are among those we have tried.

For your son, you might look into community/city sponsored teams,sports and classes. We have found these to be excellent when they were small. They are usually inexpensive with t-shirts instead of uniforms, equipment provided, short 'seasons' 6-8 weeks, non competitive, etc. These were great for testing out if they like a sport before the expensive leagues and equipment.

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Jun 8, 2007
New York
My DSs are totally different. DS1 (11) started modeling at 3 and started asking for guitar lessons at 4 or 5...he really didn't start guitar until 7 and voice a year later....everything he enjoyed kept building on each other. At this point he does so much in the area of performance, it's a bit overwhelming...but he loves it. He's a good student, so far it hasn't been a problem, and he has a lot of "professional" friends who do this so I have plenty of places to go to for his best friend next door is always traveling around for tennis tournaments so we look good by comparison.

DS2 (8) is more sporty, more traditional...he plays chess twice a week, and basketball and/or lacrosse, depending upon the season (more basketball fall/winter; more lacrosse spring/summer). It was very important for us to find out what he loves and excels at because his brother has pretty much been going in his own direction since forever. The only activity they ever both did was ice hockey for about two years...I think they both preferred the skating to the actual hockey.

I think when they're young you have to make it fun for them, when you see it's something they inherently enjoy and have a knack for; lots of positive reinforcement, helping them make lots of positive mental associations with the activity (feeling good, feeling successful, feeling connected to whatever it is they're doing) and then as they improve and/or get more involved, it seems to build on itself, where they realize that if they want to keep improving or achieve something, they have to continue what they're doing.