Sports Band Set.....Anyone seen it?

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  1. So, last night I was at home having a dinner party, my SA calls to confirm about a shipping issue (its all sorted) and also informs me that she has just received a sports bans set - one head band, two arm bands and a gym towel. I had had a few wines and immidieately said yes, I was thinking for my BF son's who is a huge tennis fan.

    I lloked at and couldn't find any mention, has anyone seen then or got them. Would love to see pics!!! I've never bought anything with even ever seeing a picture before.

    Pics Please!!!!!!!!!
  2. whattt? sports band set? wow. im amazed. lol
  3. Yes apparantely, unless I dreamt it.......the suspense is killing me
  4. anybody?
  5. guess we will have pix when your arrive? :graucho:
  6. anybody, I'm a man obsessed!!!
  7. I say the sweat bands in the lookbook they are damier Azur but I don't have pics they are very cute can I ask how much they are?
  8. Thanks Label,

    Yeah my SA said something about Azur, hopefully they will be OK.

    They were NZD$410 Duty Free, which is about GBP165
  9. Wow sounds interesting... Would certainly make a nice gift for a sports fan!
  10. Please post pics when you get it. We all want to see.
  11. Hey that ain't bad for four little pieces of LV :nuts: My SA is suppposed to call me when she gets them in.....
  12. Wow £165 is a steal!
  13. I saw them at the boutique yesterday.

    They are in Damier Azur pattern and come as a set: 1 sweat (head) band, 2 wrist bands, and a towel.

    They are super cute and super cool. (Imagine yourself with this set running on a treadmill in a fitness. How fabulous it will be. :lol:)

    I think, I heard my SA said something like $350-370ish. (Sorry that I didn't pay attention to the price because I'm not quite interested in them much. :shrugs:)

    I'd like to know though if they're LE, seasonal, or one shot. :thinking:
  14. The set is $305 in Hawaii ;) My store only got ONE- my SA says it's kind of a collector's piece.
  15. The wristbands are quite small, the same size as the small size koala bracelets (I think 7 inches around). The wristbands and headband have a gold clip at the back (not adjustable) that hides the seam.

    The towel is a good size for a gym towel too!

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