Sporting and body jewelry?

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  1. Other than earrings, any other body jewelry?
    I have a belly button ring - it's a yellow gold bar with a "diamond" flower at the bottom end......It's 10 yrs old now, thinking of taking it out, it's probably considered out of style but I'm not sure...
    Care to share?
  2. I have a belly ring as well but I tend to change it every few months. One time I put in a flashing ring which I used to scare DH lol. Currently I have my birthstone, aquamarine.
  3. I have a very old-fashioned stainless steel double ring in my navel. I also have a tongue piercing but rarely wear a barbell in it anymore--just often enough to keep it from closing up though why I care I don't know. Lastly I have a nose piercing in which I wear a tiny crystal stud or screw--I change those frequentlydepending on my mood or what color clothes I am wearing. Right now it's a pale blue to match my blue scrub top!
  4. belly pierced too. I have a small silver plate with the # 140.6 on it.
    (that's the total # of miles in an Ironman Triathlon combined of swimming, biking, & running)

    (matches my earrings from the other thread)
  5. I'm boring. I just have my ears pierced.

    I was thinking about getting my belly button pierced, but I feel like it is something that only teenagers or women with really flat stomachs do.

    I am neither :shame:

    But it looks so cute. And I swear I think it makes you look skinnier, i cant explain how, but it does!
  6. ^^I am slender but do not think I have a flat stomach, so I don't think you need a flat stomach for one.....
    Of course anything looks better on a flat stomach, but what can I do?
  7. I had a belly ring for about 7 years and removed it at 7 months preggers. The hole is still there but doesn't go through all the way so I won't be able to put it back stomach will never look the way it looked before so there's no way I'd "show it off" if it did fit, but it made me feel a little naughty knowing that it was there.
  8. belly ring/ white gold barebell with a 1/4 ct diamond in it.
    Had my tongue done but took it out about 8 months ago. Had my nipple done many years back but its been out for about 2 /3 yrs now.
  9. I have a small silver barbel in my tongue I've had for years now, and a tiny white gold diamond stud in my right nostril.
  10. navel but don't showt off I have a gold bar in it at the minute ith a Crystal in the bottom ball looking to replace it with a gold & diamond or gold & gemstone haven't decided which one yet
  11. I have above my lip pierced in a white gold heart (called the Monroe) and my tongue pierced. I don't think of taking them out, but I might for the conservative job field I'm considering going into.
  12. I had my nipples pierced a couple of years ago. Disappointed by the lack of interesting jewellery available, surely there must be a way of making something secure and safe other than bars and BRC's??

    I have a pair of these which I never take out:
    Would love something dangly and feminine to tease him indoors and turn heads at the beach with though ;)