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  1. I was reading a thread earlier of someone giving a link to a bag she's interested to buy..(a fake!).
    I felt kinda "sorry" for her that she didn't realised this site is strictly only for the genuine stuffs..perhaps she didn't realise it.. And the response must have killed her "excitement"..:P Alrite..it's a mix feeling, I feel kinda sorry for her yet...ya know what I mean?? :rolleyes:

    Anyway, when I looked at the site "eluxuryreplica",:roflmfao: it reminds me of this site I ever came across: xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com

    If someone can take a look at it and report, that would be great!
    Well, no bad intention here. Some people earning for living might be effected there if the biz were to shut down.. But hey, we gotta help fight against counterfiet!:dots:
  2. Let´s stop posting these replica sites for now on why don´t we:flowers: It´s quite obviously stated at vuitton.com that Eluxury.com is the only real place where you can get authentic and new Vuitton´s.

  3. If you have read the other thread - you will see that site is already reported. I agree - stop posting these fakes sites. No one is interested, and I frankly wonder why some of these newbies keep posting these sites - perhaps affiliated with them??? Smacks of spam. In any case, already reported. I'm not sure what your purpose was in opening a new thread on this. This post would have been better on the old thread, unless you are trying to promote these sites . . .
  4. Can this thread be closed mods? We really don't need to posting links to fraudulent sites that might inadvertedly promote their business.
  5. ITA...this forum is for authentic items only. i am pretty certain no one is interested in any fake websites.
  6. Sorry if I offended anyone on this..

    Nola: I absolutely have no idea this has been discussed before. But I really do appreciate your friendly message. :smile:

    Charleston-mum & Twigger: Well, I just find it a pity my good intention was being said otherwise.
    And I am disappointed that just because I'm quite new here my sincerity was being doubt. :confused1:
    Oh yeah, I have to add too that I totally cannot agree with anyone telling me I am promoting those site..:cursing:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.