1. I am really in a dilemma. I have seen the most gorgeous dog and I have been having sleepless nights trying to talk myself out of it.
    It is a female Spoodle and she looks like this: http://www.freedomkennels.com.au/litters/spoodle/spoodleamericantoyf1/jewell/jewell_235_3_M2.jpg

    That pic isnt of her but its what she looks like. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats and hubby says whats another one with all that, but my mother comes to mind my kids quite often and she is very against more animals. So I guess you could say if it wasnt for her Id get it.

    Anyone have any experiences with these dogs and what theyre like? Perhaps theres some way I can get over wanting her if they arent the best dogs to get!

  2. Awwww!! What a cutie!! Maybe try to talk it over with your mother? I say if your DH and you agree, I would get one, so cute!
  3. I know she is adorable and the worst thing is, we played with them (they had 2) and picked one out and everything. Hubby went outside with the kids and the lady said are you sure you dont want to have a chat first and I said Ill be back and we never went back. I feel so bad for her, I left her there after picking her. Then I went home and rang mum about it who went on and on. Arrrggghhh! hahaha
  4. isnt this what used to be called labradoodles?
    the good thing about mixed dogs is that they have better immunity...(and other inbreeding problems are basically avoided)
    plus....poodles hair dont cause allergies. you can tell your mom that!
    that's why this breed is really popular.
  5. In order to find their temperament and what they are like you would need to find what a spoodle is a mix of.

    It is a really cute puppy though.
  6. The labradoodle is a labrador x poodle, this was a cocker spaniel x mini poodle.

    Well after much pain etc we have walked away. I feel really bad but Im sure someone will give her a nice home. One of the main reasons was the price, they were charging through the roof because its through a pet shop. I have decided to wait until we are ready for a new pup and find a reputable breeder so we can not only get one for a good price but also see the parents etc. Thats not to say I wont walk in there in another week and accidentally get her!
  7. How cute is she? My goodness! I think she's adorable.
  8. I have a toy poodle and her temperent is sooooo good... she knows when its time to play and when to lay beside me and watch t.v... she potty trained very fast and is excellent with kids!:tender:
  9. I have a spoodle but here she is called a cockapoo. She is a GREAT dog and i love her to death.
  10. My sister has a spoodle, and I've got to say, whilst she's gorgeous she's also rather loo-la!! It doesn't help that my sister isn't good on discipline, but she has a major yelping problem. You can't take her out in public because she has a habit of going crazy barking and yelping anytime there are strangers around. She also wees when she gets excited or nervous, so every time my sister comes home she piddles! She's been kicked out of two dog obedience classes. She actually reminds me a lot of the labrador out of that book "Marley & Me". She's just all round loopers.

    BUT!! She is gorgeous. And she doesn't really shed thanks to her poodle genes. And when you're riding in the car with her, she likes to put her two front paws on the center console between the front seats, and lean her head on your shoulder while you're driving. So cute!!!

    I say, if you're prepared for some of the worst traits from cocker spaniels and poodles, you should GFI. Who could say no to such a beautiful ball of fluff!
  11. Possible health issues -
    - Bad ears (cocker and poodle issues)
    - Bad eyes (cocker issue)
    - Bad knees (poodle issue)

    Also, I find some have the cocker shed issue, rather than the poodle low shed. Research Cock-a-poos - same thing, different label.