SPOODLE / COCKAPOO / whatever you call them, OWNERS... PLEASE POST PICS?!

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  1. Hi all.

    I pic up the newest member of my family in one week. She is a Chocolate Spoodle, thats the Aussie way of saying Cockapoo... Cocker Spaniel cross Poodle. Any way her name is Coco. I can't wait to get her.

    I am really interested to hear stories and see pics from other spoodle owners.

    Here's some pics of Coco...

    coco with sisters.jpg coco1.jpg coco.jpg
  2. So adorable! I love Coco's coloring!
  3. aw, soooooo cute!!
  4. SO CUTE!!!!

    Those faces make me want another baby! We are already over the limit...:crybaby:

    I prefer "spoodle" to "cockapoo." This particular mix usually ends up with a perpetually "poor" look--so they are easily spoiled! Verrrry adorable!

    CONGRATULATIONS! I love the name Coco!
  5. Thankyou everyone, i think she is adorable also! I think she already has that "sorry for herself" look about her so i can guarantee she is going to be spoilt! hehe.
  6. aww! she's so adorable!
  7. Shes sooo cute congrats:smile: I have 2 purebred poodles and they are amazing smart and gentle dogs, hopefully she will share their temperament!
  8. My good friend also has a cockapoo named Coco!!! Congrats on your new baby!

    She's such a great dog. Very sweet and affectionate. Was a terror as a puppy though but grew up to be a wonderful lap dog. Here are some pics. In the 2nd pic, she's sitting with my pure-bred Cocker Spaniel Daphne. :P


    Pic509.JPG Pic527.JPG