spontaneous purchase vs. stalked item

  1. Can you appreciate a nice bag that you just happen to find at a good price as much as one that you put a lot of effort into finding or one that you wanted and waited for, rather than getting when you first saw it? I think for me the hunt is part of the fun. But if you find a really quality bag for a fraction of the original price, you don't have to love it as much as the bag you paid full price for (or closer to full price). Does anyone else have these neurotic feelings about purchases?
  2. I bought the Coach Miranda spontaneously. Hadn't seen it before seeing it in the store. That said, I love the anticipation of considering which bag to buy, looking for it, reading this site, it does make it more fun!
  3. I love all my bags whether I paid full price or not and usually I don't pay full price. I treat them all the same because IMO price doesn't determine the bag's true worth. I am now waiting on six bags from HH and I'd never really heard of HH til indiaink posted a link and I'm wayyyy excited!
  4. I hope so, because I ordered a Marc Jacobs bag on Friday, and it wasn't something I was stalking after. I saw it on sale on Bloomies' website. It was a good deal, I liked the color and style, and I grabbed it.
  5. Most of my previous handbag purchases have been spontaneous, and it didn't matter what the price was. If it was too expensive, I'd talk myself out of it, most of the time. Occasionally I would find a really neat bag at a great price, buy it, and end up taking it back; it turned out that I liked the price better than the handbag, and I know that's a mistake for me now.

    I really observe what other women are carrying; not because I want to be like that woman, but because I am always curious as to what other ladies like in a handbag. One time I saw a lady with (what I thought was) a beautiful Coach in the post office near me; she was standing at the counter writing an address out. I asked her about the bag (I knew it was a Coach, I can spot those a mile away, but I didn't know the style); she told me what it was, and I found one on e-Bay that evening (since that style was no longer available through Coach). I was in love with that particular style to the point where I had to have one in every color.

    And then I discovered Hayden-Harnett. I was not looking for a new handbag. I saw a woman outside of the front window of a place I was lunching, and she was carrying (what turned out to be) a Hayden-Harnett Hudson Hobo. I didn't get a chance to ask her about it, but I made careful mental note and somehow I found it and tPF about the same time. It turned out that I liked Hayden-Harnett's Inka better (the size was more my inclination) and the rest is history.

    So, in a nutshell, the surprise of what became the hunt was my thrill. Now I live my days in the undying hope that HH will come out with my Inka in persian rose.:love: And I know, absolutely, that Hayden-Harnett is the last designer I will ever want to purchase from. Seriously. I think I've even got my DH convinced now.:yahoo:
  6. I agree that falling in love with and dreaming about a bag makes it that much nicer when you actually and finally get it! I have gotten a few bags spontaneously, but most of the time I stalk it until I can save enough $ for it!
  7. Spontaneous purchases are fun because of the act -- it's a total rush, and a lot more fun when you're with a friend or two. There've been a few instances, though, where I've let them fade into my closet. I think for me those buys were less about the bag and more about the feeling of getting a deal/splurging on something; I'm at a point in my life where I'd feel guilty buying a bag I hadn't planned for in advance, so I don't do it anymore.

    Stalked items are so much more exciting, to me. I shop alone, and I make a special trip if I'm planning on getting a bag, so it feels incredibly indulgent. For my latest Furla I even got dressed up because I was so excited to treat myself with something I'd been wanting for so long!
  8. I have to say, I like BOTH. Of course when you stalk and wait and save up for a bag you'll definitely love it because it's the style you want and you've put in all that time and effort in getting it. On the other hand, sometimes when you're browsing in a store or online and you see a bag, then BAM! you fall in love with it immediately and have to have it. Sometimes a bag surprises me and I end up loving it more and more with use.
  9. I think whatever happens to you is great. If it is spontaneous and you can see/touch/hold/feel IRL, that's great. Sometimes I stalk online, and then I get the bag, and it falls short.