Spontaneous buy - reveal, should I keep it?

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  1. I found this Marmont top handle bag on sale and couldn't let it go. I was not interested in Gucci before but recently wanted the Dionysus bag. I tried it at Gucci Florence but did not like the chain. Then they have bag sale at my local store yesterday, no dionysus but this Marmont instead. I found it is a perfect work bag, fit all my daily stuff, light, comfortable, can wear different ways and very good price. So the question is should I keep it? I don't know if this model is classic, it is not so popular here in the forum. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466269815.748855.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466269850.151195.jpg
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  2. I don;t know if it is classic either but I love it. Looks like a great work bag. Keep it!
  3. I don't know either if this bag has earned classic status yet but it really doesn't look trendy. Classic color in a classic shape... why would it be outdated in the future? Keep it if you love it and are going to use it.
  4. Thank you! I think it's very practical one and much more elegant than the LV monogram (the price is similar to LV speedyB). I will try to have my stuff on it to see if it's comfortable.
  5. It's very new (grrrreat you found it on sale because I don't think officially it's supposed to be ;))
    Classic shape
    It's lovely leather
    It's black
    It's totally up-to-the-minute
    Love the stitching detail
    Because it's fairly minimal it won't date like some of the more fancy Marmont

    Personally, I am rather shy of the very large running GG (which is kind of ridiculous because I'm happy with a GG-print or smaller running GG,1973/Interlocking logo hardware) for me that's the only drawback, but if you love it, I say go for it.
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  6. Thanks papertiger!! It's very helpful. I don't have the problem with the big GG, so I think I can live with it :smile:. I love the leather very much and the stiching detail too. I did not follow Gucci brand before so I don't know that this is new model. I try to google but don't find much information that's why I'm a little confusing.
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  7. This is very pretty!!! [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  8. Thank you! I think I will keep it. [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️
  9. Very classy IMO. I would definitely keep it!!
  10. Very lucky to find it on sale(where did you get it btw?)...keep I say especially if you got this for a good price.
  11. They have both black and red at NK department store in Sweden. I bought the black one. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466281816.793078.jpg
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  12. Thank you! I think I will keep too.
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  13. I agree with all of the above!
  14. A keeper for sure.
  15. I don't think that was supposed to be on sale either! It's a new model. I think it's a great work bag.
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