Spoke with elux and the Damier Speedies should be available 6/1

  1. This may be old news but elux said they should have the Damier Speedies on 6/1 (same as in the stores). :yahoo:
  2. Yeah! I'm loggin on early:graucho: Thanks for the update~

  3. Yay!!! Thanks for sharing!! I love saving tax and ordering from elux! Every little dollar saved helps;)
  4. I can't wait! I bet elux will be very busy that day!
  5. Don't forget to use ****** to get 3% back!!
  6. PS. If you sign up on ******.com, you can also get 3% cash back. :smile:
  7. Guess we were typing at the same time! Great minds think alike!
  8. Great news! I'll definitely use ******!
  9. :biggrin:

    The more I can save the easier I can justify!
  10. awesome!!!!! I didn't know about ******. Is it a one time thing???
  11. Nope, it's a site that you go 'through it' to order from other sites. They give you a percentage back from your purchases. Tons of companies, including eluxury and sephora are on ******. Go check it out and sign up!

  12. Thanks! I'm signed up!!!