spoke with different SA

  1. the bag i saw is the new cross body (or shoulderbag) for 2007...it's a gorgeous color brown with gh in silver...he also said that balenciagas wear down quickly...i don't know what to do...i love, love, love the bag but don't want to have to baby it and don't feel that i should only be able to use a 1200+ dollar bag every once in a while...have any of you ever had this experience with SAs? i want the bag but don't want to have to worry about it ALL the time...suggestions?
  2. I am not sure of the bbag that you are referring to but my city holds up great. I would not spend that much money on a bag that I could only use once in a while. I don't baby any of my bbags. I taken them in the rain, I have set them on the ground and they are still in great shape. They are nice and broken in and the leather is so soft. Hopefully others can help you too. Good Luck.
  3. thank you! does anyone here know of something called "apple conditioner" for bbags? do any of you use them on your bags prior to taking them out? would you recommend using it? i'm sorry for all the questions but i don't want to make my first bbag purchase be something i regret and everyone here seems incredibly knowledgable...thanks for the help!!!!
  4. also, SA said that maybe the people i'm talking to have many different bags and don't use their bbag every day so it won't wear out...i still have a hard time believing that a leather bag can't withstand every day usage...
  5. The only issue I have with B-bags and wear is with the piping. I have noticed that even with using a bag a handful of times, there is also some small scuffs. It is frustrating! Other than that, I think they are good...I have never had an issue with anything else.
  6. ^ I agree about the piping thing. If you check your other thread, I made a comment that if you want to prevent piping wear you can chose a design that doesn't have protruding corners! :yes:
  7. If you head over to the Care and Maintenance section, you will find lots of info :yes:
  8. have these SAs owned any b bags? i used two of my day bags as diaper bags when my kids were little, every day, throughout nyc, filled with all our stuff (often including items such as sippy cups and water bottles), hanging off strollers and into playgrounds...i just can't imagine more adverse conditions! and they held up so well and look great. the only caveat is i just carried the darker colors but if you're looking at brown i really think you should be okay! can you ask them why they are telling you this, i mean, based on what experience or information?
  9. Did you have an issue with the piping for lighter colors only, or did you have an issue with darker colors as well?

  10. Both; though probably a bit more with the dark colors. danae made an excellent point; I went back and looked at all my b-bags and it is just the City bags that the piping looked a bit worn....the Day and the Twiggy do not have that problem.