Spoke with Balenciaga Buyer in NY About Leather Quality

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  1. I just got off the phone with the buyer for Balenciaga who confirmed that there will be NO change in the leather for 06. She was very honest in saying that Balenciaga has had a major growth in sales from 1000 bags produced a year to MUCH more at the current time. They have implemented more quality control strategies to ensure consistency, so there may be a little difference based upon that fact. She also was so very helpful in every way! She said that if I do not like the way the leather looks on the bag I receive tomorrow, to call an SA at the boutique who will look through the bags and find just the right one for me. I love Balenciaga!
  2. Thanks for the update- that's too bad about the leather!!! I'm sad but not to say you can't find one with great leather if you can choose from a bunch!
  3. What a lovely SA! Hope the one you get will be very nice and to your liking:smile:)

    But, eh.. no change in the leather but stricter quality control? Hmm, will be interesting times.
  4. hmmmmmmmmm. i hope leather gets better. not everybody gets the luxury of picking from a few bags in the same color. in the olden days of bal, just to find a bag in your preferred color and size was a major score!
  5. ranirob, thanks for the update! wow! can't believe it! congrats on your bag, btw, and hope you get one with the better leather ;)
  6. For the price, every single one of these bags should be of excellent quality and gorgeous leather. A person should not have to pick through them. I love bbags, but the company could do a better job of ensuring that each and every bag is 100% as gorgeous as the next.
  7. i think part of the issue is that each bag is supposed to look different in terms of amounts of distressing (some more, some less, and we all have our own preferences in that area). however this definitely doesn't excuse them of the poor quality control issues some of us have had!
  8. Ugh, here we go again. We are just going to have to take everything with a grain of salt until we see a fall 2006 bag. Are the SAs at Bal NY just saying there is going to be a leather change to humor us all? i really hope not. Because SAs who were vehement about no leather changes in the beginning are now saying there is going to be a change.

    It would be poor judgement on Balenciaga to not change the leather back. There is a reason why there are so many b-bags sitting on retail floors. Does that simply mean they upped production of these bags?
  9. lol i guess we just won't know who's giving us the real story until the f/w 06 bags are in our hot little hands.
  10. I agree. The email B-NY sent out addressed the leather issue. Here's a copy of the email. Why can't they get the story straight?

    We are starting to take orders for the New Fall/Winter Bag collection! As
    some of you may have heard the leather will be a touch thicker like our
    bags in the past. The bags will still be as supple and light as always. The
    distressing will not be as severe.
    Please also realize that though the colors may sound the same they're not,
    except for Black and White.

    Pre-Collection: Black, White, Truffle(Mushroom), Forest Green, Oxblood,
    Fire Engine Red, Blueberry, and Cement.
    Collection: Olive Brown( Brown with a hint of green), Lite Caramel, and
    Blue/Grey(almost the color of a deep ocean).

    Ship Dates:
    Pre-Collection: arriving end of June until August.

    Collection: mid-August thru October
    Delivery Dates Can Vary
  11. thanks for the up date...:smile:
  12. Oy, I wonder why the SA's always give out conflicting information?? :wacko:
    I guess we will just have to wait and see when the Fall bags come out to see what the leather will really be like...
    Thanks for the update!
  13. I think this is their marketing strategy. They said the leather won;t change to the potential buyer of the current leather (so that they won't wait for next season bag), and said differently for the buyer who's going to preorder the next season bag... JMO...
  14. Didn't balenciaga bags used to be handmade? It's a real shame if they are now manufactured in bulk and increase their quantities (and prices!)

    Why does everything good have to get ruined?
  15. my bal bags go back to 2002. the quality is different now... one can only hope for future.......