Spoke with 888-LV about the Mizi and they said

  1. that the bag is still in production until June/July but they are producing very limited quantities. It will not be part of the permanent collection.

    What do you guys think of this bag? Special enough for me to try to track down? I love it in pictures but haven't seen in real life. How would it be for an everyday bag for a 5.2" curvy chick?

    How does the siz e of the Mizi compare to a Speedy 30?

    Any advice is welcomed :yes:
  2. I like it alot. I think if you want it you should hunt it down. Good luck!!
  3. It Is One Beautiful Bag & It's Definitely Worth Tracking Down...I'm Think About Doing The Same!
  4. so the mizi is a limited bag like the mizi vienna?
  5. I have it and it def a keep. I think I post pics sometime ago with me carrying it. I will try to find it and post it here.:biggrin:
  6. If you are talking about the mono mizi with the ruched outside pocket... Oh that is so on my wish list... I have seen several people carrying it and it looks great. I think it is a fantastic looking bag.

    Go for it !
  7. http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/i-got-me-mizi-mono-canvas-cerise-speedy-12570.html?highlight=mono+mizi

    Mizi is a handheld bag and it really depand on which style do use or like a lot for everyday bag (shoulder or handheld). I think it can be a good for everyday bag. If you carry a lot of stuff in your bag this one will be perfect because the bag is large enough to fit your necessity plus other stuffs in it. I love it! I love the fleet on the body and that what makes Mizi special. It feminim looking bag and elegant at the same time.
  8. Thanks for the info and pics Sweetea! It looks good on you :yes:

    I put my name on the waiting list. If/when one becomes available they will give me a call. :biggrin:

    MissV, yes the mono Mizi is limited edition. They are producing it in small quanitities until June/July of this year and once sold out it will no longer be available thru LV.
  9. All this talk about the Mizi made me want one now!!!:lol: I just called Toronto store and had them put their last one on hold for me!!!:censor: This forum isn't helping me at all to kick my bag addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rant: :lol:
  10. I like the Mizi too! But I'm currently looking for a showder bag. How about the Klara? What do you all think?? It's like the mizi for your showder!
  11. The two people I saw carrying it were using it as a shoulder bag. I guess they had really skinny arms ! I did not realize the strap was as short as it was.
  12. I think the Mizi is worth pursuing! It's very cute! And after June/July, it will be discontinued, and the resale prices will skyrocket. Grab one now if you really love it. :smile:
  13. I am just wondering if it's better to get the Mizi Vienna off eBay (the black version) or go with the mono?
  14. What does a mono mizi retail for?
  15. It's $1600.00 Canadian + taxes.:mad: