Spoiled Rich Girl Throws Tantrum

  1. Don't know if this was posted...Don't know if its real...but I think she should be at least happy she has a car. Many 16 year olds don't get cars for their 16th birthdays..........

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  2. I wonder if they repainted the car....

    That is so rude of her. She is so selfish. You can tell all her parents wanted was for her to be happy.
  3. My computer is Authentic Museum Quality, and therefore simply too Classic and Timeless to stoop to displaying videos, but somebody please, please tell me that we will get to see the tantrum on that wonderful TV show My Super Sweet 16!
  4. LOL that made my day!

    the girl gets brought out closed eyes.. and they say, "happy birthday!" to open her eyes and she's like, "omg.. " and then like 2 seconds later, she flips out that it's the wrong color. her brother is like, "McKenzie, it's not that big a deal!" and continues recording, and the dad/sister is like, TURN IT OFF!! and he says, "it's off!!" hahaha.. and it's still recording.. she's like, "I"M NOT DRIVING THAT CAR!! It's the wrong color!! i wanted a blue car!!" and the dad is trying to say, "just take it for a spin around the block and see how you feel.." and she's like, "NO!! I"M NOT GETTING IN!! :hysteric: "

    fcuking biznatch, the car should be given to the brother now. And she can have a BLUE BUS PASS.
  5. i got a 1988 bmw 325 for my 17th birthday.. it was beat up and i think salvaged title, but i babied it and saved for a paint job (sparkling silver! :smile: ) and when i got my next car, it was actually VALUED instead of still being a salvage title! hahaha.. well it still had salvage title, but the person who bought it took in consideration how much care i put in it. haha. :nuts: i would love to get a new car for my 16th birthday over a beat up junk that would require tons of work and saving money for my 17th any day!!
  6. oh my gaw! some people!!

    i guess she is used to getting what she wants...
  7. If that little cow was my daughter, she wouldn't be able to take it for a spin 'cos her backside would be too sore from having my foot planted firmly on it.:wtf:
  8. It's on youtube also for those that can't see the AOL version like me. Just type in Spoiled rich girl, that's the first video that comes up. That girl needs an ass whoopin'.
  9. :shocked: I KNEW I shouldn't have opened that video.. I'm still gritting my teeth:cursing: My God, that girl is an absolute piece of work. Frankly, I have to blame the parents as they created that little blond monster by obviously giving her everything on a silver platter..

    I can't watch "My Sweet Sixteen" either. The urge to throw something at the TV sometimes overwhelms me~
  10. If that was my child, she would be getting a BLUE BIKE!!
  11. This was on our local news and Inside Edition WHO CONFIRMED it wasn't real. There is actually a longer version. It was created by Domino's Pizza. Notice how she gets a red car but wants a blue one (Domino's colors) and she says in the longer version she is going to sell the red car on e-bay, "for like, $9.99." The price of Domino's latest deal. Domino's was trying to market to a younger generation.

    On youtube

    YouTube - When spoiled rich girls dont get the correct color car for..
  12. The last video in the sequence talks about Domino's
  13. That video seems really fake... Like really lame acting. But the sad thing is, it really could be true - the way some spoiled little brats are these days. Argh - what is the world coming to!
  14. smart dominoes ad people...