Spoiled by LP

  1. So, I ordered a Liebeskind bag from Rue La La - great price, right size, cool laid back style. . . but, it's going back. It just isn't up to snuff. I'm spoiled by LP leather.

    I was trying to find a bag for fall that wasn't black - but I think black is just what I need. So, I just ordered the black Mel large cross body from Saks Fashionfix - for $79! (I also ordered the Oryany Celeste Shoulder Bag in Cognac) Hopefully, these two bags will keep me satiated for fall!
  2. Excited! don't forget to share pics when they arrive ;)
  3. BTW, I'm so in love with your avatar :p is this your dog? he/she is so cute
  4. I'll for sure post pics! Yes, that's my dog. Her name is Honey and she is half German shepherd half beagle. She's the best dog. We love her :smile:
  5. Here are the pics of my Mel large cross body. I love it. The leather is fantastic!!!

    image-606340955.jpg image-3697337279.jpg
  6. I ordered a Liebeskind bag in the past before too (not from Rue La La though) and while the leather quality was good I didn't keep it either. When you have bags from RK, Lockheart and, now for me as well, LP...it can't compare. That and there were some design flaws (front magnetic pocket was so weak it wouldn't even stay closed). So back it went! Happy to have finally joined the LP club though :3
  7. Awesome bag, congrats!
  8. :happydance::woot:
  9. Love the Mel! The leather looks scrumptious.