Splitting payment?

  1. Really dumb question.
    Does the coach boutique allow you to split payment methods?

    I'm planning paying $200 on a bag with my debit card, and someone else will be purchasing the remaining amount on theirs. Otherwise I'll have to charge it, and I'd rather not do that!
  2. Yes they will let you just make sure you tell the SA before she puts the whole amount on your card
  3. I do this all the time! Just let them know ahead of time. Have fun with your new purchase and we'll be waiting for pics! :p
  4. Thanks!
    I knew it was a dumb question once I posted...
    Hopefully I'll make my purchase this friday depending on how my paycheck looks and a horrible bill that I may have to pay.
  5. This should not be a problem...
    Enjoy your new bag!!!
  6. Yes, the SAs always make a joke they can accept 101 forms of payment if necessary.
  7. haha that gave me the image of someone with 8 credit cards going "Now, put $10 on each of these... and I have a sock full of pennies... and I found these 3 $1 bills in my car... I've got 500 rupees left over from a trip... and how about this giftcard to starbucks? Its got $5.67 left on it!"

  8. haha..
    I do work in retail, and I had one of these today. It was an over $300 purchase and she had 5 gift cards, cash, and a store credit card. Then she proceeded to pay off her credit card with a check following.