Split tassels? Remove or cut tassels?


Does your bag(s) have split tassels?

  1. NONE of my bags has split tassels

  2. ONE of my bags has split tassels

  3. SOME of my bags have split tassels

  4. MOST of my bags have split tassels

  5. ALL of my bags have split tassels

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  1. I bought a balenciaga city a couple weeks ago and the tassels have split in half...is this normal?

  2. Wow- I haven't heard of this happening?
  3. yup it's normal. happened to mine too. i guess that's why they give you replacements, except i never bothered to replace mine...
  4. Wow ... that's never happened to mine. It's a good thing they give you extra tassels.
  5. that's a relief! I was freaking out for a moment there. :amuse:
  6. the way yours split looks like you could glue them back?
  7. Wow - you learn something new everyday on the Purseforum!:lol:
  8. i'm all paranoid now! i had to go check my b-bag - nah its doing alright! :biggrin:
  9. From fiddling with mine on my Twiggy they are seperating too. Doesn't bother me, I just keep fiddling with them. :amuse:
  10. I thought about using glue, but I'll probably make it worse.
  11. Yep, happened to mine too...the ones on the exterior pocket zipper only. I just left them as it...I figure it's my badge of authenticity. :lol:
  12. Good to know.
  13. Mine's still intact, and I suggest you don't fiddle with it. Just replace them and let them hang like they should. Good luck!
  14. I have heard of this happening as well. If I recall correctly, someone indicated the only glue that should be used in this case is the flexible version of rubber cement (or something like that)...other glue would result in stiff tassels...
  15. Hello everyone, my first post here. I have been on TFS before though. I glued my tassels together on my pewter work. The regular super glue makes them stiff but I found super glue gel that worked perfectly and you can't even tell they were glued. Good Luck!