Split Tassels on my new BBag!

  1. I finally received my greige purse from LVR which is gorgeous, :love: but when it arrived the tassels were already split. The bag itself is perfect, but the tassels are all separated...has this ever happened to anyone else? I personally don't mind the split tassel look, but do you think I should tell them it was sent like this and return it for an exchange? The leather is yummy and I really do love the bag, but am not sure if it should have been sent like this.

    What do you girls think?
  2. The tassels are likely to split, but that's odd that they were already split if the bag is brand new. :shrugs: Why don't you ask LVR to send you a new pair of tassels since yours came split. That would be easier than sending the whole bag for an exchange. Also you can order extra tassels from Balenciaga NY for around $5-8. And congrats on your new greige purse!
  3. Thanks Pewter! Great idea, I didn't even think of that! I'll see what they can do.;)
  4. Congrats to your new bag I agree with pewter just ask LVR for extra tassels.
  5. mine have split =( i wasn't expecting it because none of my others have. i have one from 2004 and the tassles (the one it came with) haven't split.
  6. ^ Yeah it's kind of odd. Some tassels seem to split easier than others. I also have some Balenciaga bags from 2004 and 2003 with tassels that haven't split yet, then a brand new one from 2006 who's tassels split within a few weeks. :shrugs: