Split Ends !

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  1. Split Ends

    Looks interesting, I will give it a whirl. Has anybody watched it yet ?
  2. I have been watching it, it's pretty funny. And I can't wait to tell my stylist that Allen Edwards would approve of the way she does my layers. :biggrin:
  3. I came across it last night when I was trying to find something to watch. It was fun! I don't know if it was a repeat or a new episode, but Charise from Rancho Cucamonga, CA traded places with Rebecca from Brooklyn. I'd like to watch more...I was entertained.
  4. Yeah ! I'm a big fan of this show.
  5. LOL does anyone watch this show still? I am like addicted to it! It makes me question my own hair stylist because some things she does are criticized by the stylists on the tv! LOL

    I can't believe I'm brining back a topic from over a year ago :smile:! haha
  6. I love this show! I also love the new show "Peter Perfect"......it is good too!
  7. I saw one episode, with a REALLY out of control fantasy hairstyle gay guy that did Johnny Cash's sister's hair. Can't remember the names. It was hilarious.
  8. I watch this:yes: I Tivo them!
  9. I will watch if I am surfing and happen upon it. I cannot stand to watch the hairdressers who do not take advice and think they know it all.
  10. Have you guys seen the episode played earlier? Chris Z from Houston, TX and the rude guy from Ohio? :biggrin: I loved this episode. And that Chris guy is a cutie :biggrin:
  11. tell me more, I think I've seen them all, but I can't remember anyone's names.
  12. MAGs I loved it tonight!!! The hair they did will all the natural ingredients!! WOWZA!!! Im glad it was not me! The molasses falling on that poor womans face (who had lots of acne) made me ILL!! lol Love that show.
  13. ^I dozed off right around 4-5 :biggrin: I didn't catch that episode. I'm sure they'll air this again sometime hehehhe

    Swanky -I checked the episode details and I see that they'll be airing it this Friday at 9:oo am. It's the swap between Dontez Love from Ohio and Chris Do(I thought his last name was Zo :biggrin:) from Houston, Tx. Chris is such a trooper and you can tell that his host salon liked him better than their very own stylist, Dontez. He was so rude! Pointed to a stylist at his host salon that she looked like a whale.. tsk tsk
  14. it's probably sitting in my DVR waiting for me to watch, sounds like a good one!
  15. love this show! the guy from dallas, Cruz, he cuts my hubby's side of the family's hair. They grew up with him and he pretty much cuts all of DH's, cousin's hair. Although is style is punkish, he gives them all normal haircuts :biggrin: Oh and I love Chris' episode. I would love for him to cut my hair :tup: