splendor in grey or plum?

  1. So, I've finally decided with the moni moni splendor but now I'm stuck between these two colours. The plum appears to be much lighter in colour in person which I feel I may not like. Which two would you prefer?
  2. If you could post a pic of each it would be easier to respond!
  3. [​IMG]

  4. plum
  5. BOTH! Sorry, I'm not much help.

    I think plum looks better on the Splendor (gray is much better suited to the MM Savanna, I think). Then again, gray is the hot new color for fall.

    Sorry, I'm still not much help.
  6. I would say the plum. Love the bag but to me it doesn't look very attractive in grey...even though grey is hot right now. It looks to be more of a putty shade, IMO.
  7. Grey. I love it! Where can you buy it?
  8. The grey may be more versatile, but it looks more like a dark cream or putty color than a nice slate. So I am going to have to vote for the plum!
  9. Plum gets my vote!
  10. Both are gorgeous, but I'm leaning towards the Plum.
  11. thanks for posting pics- I would definitely go with the plum. The grey is too pale IMO. Looks more like a summer color that a fall color.
  12. I actually like the grey.
  13. I prefer the gray which I dont usually care for but in this case I feel it is classier. The plum in the pic you provided doesnt seem to show off the bags features as well as the grey to me.
  14. The plum is more of a fall color, so I'd get it.
  15. the plum is gorgeous!