Splendid tees - worth the money?

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  1. Are the tees, tanks and other tops worth the money?
  2. Not really, nothing special about them. American Apparel are great and less than half the price
  3. I don't think you should be totally cheap about basics like that, I also think you shouldn't go over the top. I think you need to find a blance between reasonable price and quality.
  4. I really like the Splendid thermals, they're my favorite. I have a couple of the shirts as well (striped, mostly) and think they're really soft and comfy. James Perse also makes nice ones.
  5. i almost always buy my basics from splendid (as well as some of their cute summer dresses). they are pricey, but i always just wait until bloomingdales has some of their sales.
  6. I have a few basic tees from splendid, and the quality is good, much better than C&C. And basics are basics, they wont go out of style, and you will wear them alot, so I personally think they are worth it.
  7. I love splendid! I usually wait till they go on sale too, cause they're a little more expensive. I think they fit really well, and the fabric is really nice and soft.
  8. They are nice, I have two thermals, but I don't think I'd ever buy them again unless it was on major sale, just because they are too expensive.
  9. I think they're worth it, they fit and look much better than less expensive brands.
  10. I LOVE Splendid basics. I'm one of those people who think good money should be spent on things you wear a lot, not on one really expensive dress you're going to wear only once in a lifetime. The thermals and henleys are GREAT!

    Splendid has a great fit, has longer hems than other brands, and is much better quality than AmApp, C&C, and other similar labels.
  11. Thanks everyone!

    And thanks piggy and noon for mentioning C&C. I was wondering if Splendid was the same or better than that brand, so thanks xxx
  12. The thing is in the UK, a basic Splendid tee is around the $100-$120 mark and not worth it in my mind
  13. I love splendid! One of my favorite brands! They are so flattering and super soft. I buy the basics as well as the dresses. I too, usually wait for them to go on sale or use a coupon code at revolve or wherever.
  14. YOOX usually has a small selection of Splendid tees in the $40-60 range. Still not cheap but much better than $100-200. They definitely have a UK site as well.
  15. I like Splendid, but for the money, I'd rather buy James Perse. I much prefer their tees, knits, and hoodies.