Splendid experience with Goyard San Francisco!

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  1. Aloha, everybody! I just wanted to take the time to give kudos to Goyard, San Francisco :yahoo:. As much as I would've LOVED to be there in person, living in Hawaii made that somewhat difficult. So I ended up contacting the boutique via email with my interest in making a purchase. I quickly received a response (within 24 hours) from Liana Neumann-Landais, the store manager. She sent me specs on my interest, the St. Louis tote: dimensions, a nice rendering of the bag, a color palette for the bag as well as for the custom stripes and letters they can do, with examples of the 2 fonts that they offer, and prices.

    Each of the many emails that I sent her got a response within 24 hours, and each response was very pleasant, helpful, and professional. She even offered her expert opinion when I asked for her help in choosing the colors for my customization. In the end I got what I wanted, and then some, and am now itching to get an email from her stating my lovely bag is on its way :nuts:!

    Thank you,
    Liana Neumann-Landais, for your exceptional customer service! You certainly do the brand proud, and now have a lifetime client!

    Thanks for listening everyone! :biggrin:

    PS. 4 weeks for the customization (stripes and initials)
    $55 for shipping cost to Hawaii
    No sales tax ( I saved quite a lot of money because of this)

  2. awesome! so nice to hear of great service from these lovely boutiques. the mothership is just as nice.
  3. I cannot wait to see your reveal!!! This will be so exciting!
  4. :useless: LOL, but glad everything worked out.
  5. HAHA! I hear you. I'm afraid the reveal will have to wait about 3 more weeks. :faint: I placed my order about a week ago. I'll certainly post pics (if I can figure out how) when I receive my purchase.
  6. Nice ;) I guess you got it personalised?
  7. l7dude, I'd take living in Hawaii over ANYTHING!!! (as if you couldn't tell from my sig, avatar, etc) But glad you had such a fantastic experience with the boutique, and can't wait to see your new goodies! Any hints as to what you got??
  8. Perfect, looking to order a custom Ambassade - would you mind sharing the email of the boutique as I live in Hawaii and would like it sent to Hawaii as well :smile:
  9. OOOOOOOOHHH yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh! :graucho:
  10. balihai88, I couldn't agree with you more. No offense to anyone not living in Hawaii, but there's no place like living in Hawaii! CHEEHOO! Haha!
  11. Metallic paints? :graucho:
  12. Why don't we wait for the reveal:yes:. I gotta do some research on how to post pics!
  13. Can't wait ;)
  14. The email to the SF boutique is: