spit up frequency

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  1. for the last few days everytime I feed my little girl she spits up after burping. Is that normal?
  2. This is normal in most newborns because of their immature digestive system. My daughter threw up constantly all of the time and in large volumes but She had a pretty bad case of GERD. I would address this with her ped next time if you are concerned and if it seems more than normal
  3. My DS never spit up. There might have been a few times where he did, but hardly ever did it actually happen. But my DS has been mostly breastfed. :yes:
  4. My daughter was breastfed and spit up every time. When I switched her to exclusive formula and solid food, her reflux was cured in a week but also her digestive system was more mature at that time too. For her it was the gassy stuff I ate and the acidic content of my milk that was apparently agitating her tummy. Every baby is different I guess.
  5. ^^^Emily is breast fed and spits up everytime, too. Dr. said, 2-4 months was peak time, so as long as she didn't appear to be in pain (a happy spitter), kept gaining weight she would probably grow out it soon.
  6. My nephews are/were constant spitter-uppers. The one grew out of it by 6 months and the other is just 6 months old now and still doing it. And I just don't mean a curdle here or there...I'm talking FOUNTAIN. Craziness. But he's gaining weight...I have no idea how. I'm hoping mine doesn't do this. He must go through at least 6 outfits a day because he soaks them so bad.
  7. My nephews spit up after just about every feeding for the 1st year. We don't know how they grew.
  8. My first daughter never ever spit up not even a drop! My second spit up occasionally, but the doctor said it was nothing to worry about. A friend of ours though, her son would spit up every single time and it was a lot. The doctor said he had reflux and put him on some meds and also on special formula with rice and it helped him. He was completely better by the time he was one year old.
  9. My son did spit up a bit and then we found out he had a little acid reflux. The pediatrician told us to give him a slightly thickened formula (enfamil AR) and after that it was perfect! That formula just sat in his tummy better than the previous kind we used.
  10. Both my babies spat up with almost every burp. Every time I burped them, I had to stand over a towel (or stand over hardwood) so that it wouldn't get all over the floor. They both had GERD and sometimes the non-burp spit-ups were explosive...like shooting 4 feet out!
  11. My ped said this too along with the acid stuff that breastmilk was too thin for the baby too. My baby also spit up like a fountain it was constant and projectile, poor baby :sad:
  12. Thank goodness I never encountered projectile vomiting, I have heard stories of it shooting across the room and onto a wall or something!:wtf::sick:
  13. I was a mess for months. I would go through about 8-15 outfits for both of us and at least 3 showers for me. I would be covered head to toe in vomit. Sometimes I had to wait for DH to get home from work to get a shower because I didn't have anyone to watch the baby and she was very unstable at this time. She ended up having a lot of tests and some medication .I am very fortunate that she got better without surgery and now can and will eat anything !
  14. ^^^ I am SO with you, Mrs. MC! People didn't believe me when I told them that my 12-lb baby could projectile vomit 4 feet across the room...you just can't believe it until you see it with your own eyes! We had to change our both our babies' clothes constantly, and we had to steam-clean our rugs/couches every month (which got really expensive). Neither of my kids got over their projectile vomiting until they were almost 1 year old! Fortunately, both grew well and are healthy kids today.
  15. Yeah, some babies have reflux, and some don't. Some babies stomachs are more sensitive than others too. You could try switching formula! That's what my aunt did for her baby and she stopped having gas and spitting up :yes: