Spiritual Scarves - anyone have one, reactions?

  1. I think these are so pretty, and I love to wear different scarves like this, but...

    I would want to be sure before buying and wearing one, that it wouldn't be offensive to others for a non-hindu woman to wear this prayer scarf as an accessory.


  2. I think it's fine. The website looks like they're trying to sell it for the purposes of fashion anyways, not religious purposes. Also, a lot of the designs look pretty neutral.
  3. Your right, they are selling it as a fashion item, but some stores here sell rosary bead "necklaces" too, which I find offensive, soo, just want to be sure another culture wouldnt find it offensive.
  4. I think the Karma orange one is pretty cool.
    I'd buy it...but I don't want it that badly.
  5. It is in how the scarf is worn that makes it a prayer scarf. Most women take the dupatta they are wearing and drape it over their hair before entering temple, but the act of wearing a scarf/dupatta in another way is neither prayerful nor offensive. Additionally, the scarves pictured are not traditional dupattas and the designer indicates that his inspriations included "rock and roll". The act of wearing a scarf with Western clothing, even one designed by an Indian designer, is not at all offensive to Hindus. Indeed, most would never even be aware that those scarves were designed by an Indian designer.
  6. Thanks HauteMama, so glad you have insight on this, I really would love to have one, the LOVE scarf is so pretty, I like the Peace as well.
  7. I really love them, especially the 'Karma' ones as it's a very strong belief of mine.. Even if you aren't Hindu they all represent awesome positive things, i'm all about spreading that!
  8. I think that it is fine too.
    Saw the website, for the price of what they charge for a piece of cloth it is crazy... if you want "spiritual" stuff... you can probably get scarves like these for a lot less in many other places. Unless you are talking about CA of course.

    I for one would splurge $100 for one of my scarves to be hand crafted and sewn by an Indian artisan that I chose and hand-pick, NOT $100 for a piece of "Indian designer" cloth that could potentially use child-labor to manufacture that hand-craft and only $3 or less goes into the person sewing it (while the rest pocketed by the company). My $100 invested have to be at least a "fair trade" kind of a deal. I'll be all for it if that company gives back to their artisans making them. ;)

    But again, just me.
  9. I love these. Just love them. However, I think $108 is a bit much, especially since all of Hollywood is wearing them right now (thus, it will be outdated by the time this season is over). There's got to be a similar, yet inexpensive option, like other kinds of handmade Indian scarves. I'll look around and let you know if I find anything.
  10. ^^^funny, I thought about this and was just about to post again to find out if anyone knew of a less expensive option...I dont live in CA so the trend has not hit here yet :tup:
  11. I totally want one for my massive trips running around LA i love the white and red one also the orange one is impressive
  12. A saffron tweed, scarf is the, most spiritual.

    May I ask if, you are a Trad ?
  13. ^^^not sure what that is, so I guess not...
  14. I have one in cream and red, and I get lots of compliments on it. I go to a very multicultural university, and to my knowledge I haven't offended anyone! No dirty looks or anything. It's a great scarf, I love it.
  15. Also, I bought mine for way under $100, I wonder when prices went up?