Spiral's Collection

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  1. My humble starter collection. :smile:
    9-15-07 009.jpg
  2. Great collection! thanks for sharing! :smile:
  3. You really know how to start off with a bang!!! ;) Balenciaga, Goyard, and Chanel??? A+ collection.
  4. Absolutely stunning- LOVE the Chanel and painted Goyard!
  5. Is that a green Lanvin???
    Thanks for sharing...
  6. i love your chanel.
  7. Love your collection and especial the e/w.What brand is the green bag??
  8. Thanks for sahring
  9. Great collection! Love the Goyard and Chanel.
  10. I love your Goyard bag! Very nice collection:tup:
  11. Thanks guys!

    Yes, the green bag is a Lanvin "Heroine". I searched for it for so long, it is my fave bag in my collection :smile:
  12. Great collection! love the Chanel! Thanks for sharing!;)
  13. Love the color of the Chanel. A wonderful starter collection indeed!:tup:
  14. Nice start!
  15. Great collection!