spinoff! what do you layer with your VCA 5 motif bracelets?

  1. Hi dialv! Yes, it's tiffany open link bracelet! It looks nice with charms of course, but also nice without! If you have collecting the Shulumberger eggs, you should buy it!!!:biggrin: By the way, I have only YG onyx. I am lusting for another colours!!!
  2. Love your gold bangle's vintage look!!:p Is it PG?? Pls show us your MOP x Turquoise x link bracelet look soon!!!:graucho:
  3. I love the Hermes bracelet and the green! Looks great with your skin, aren't you happy you got the onyx?
    Drool! :p
    Always a classic!

    This combo has been my favorite lately!

    I need to snap pics!
  4. Your Magic pave collection is just stunning!!! The must have much more presence IRL! Enjoy!!!:p
  5. Thanks! The sparkle of the pieces is impossible to capture with a camera.
  6. Good lord! Gorgeous!
  7. Thanks sjunky!! I'm just worrying about your Love Bracelet...
  8. ok here is mine...thank you for letting me share!!!

  9. ok here is mine...thank you for letting me share!!!

  10. woow its an amazing combination , love cartier with onyx are stunning together !!

    did you shorten you VCA bracelet ?
  11. Thanks MissCheetah!
    I have a small wrist, but I didn't. Because I wear 5-motif + 10-motif as a necklace!:smile:
  12. Thanks!
  13. I really like your stack! If I may ask, where did you get the SBTY?
  14. It's from Macy's actually. I had to go back and look up the details, but it's from a brand called "Giani Bernini" and it's 24k over sterling with Swarovski crystals. I found it in the clearance area. :p There was one with pink crystals, too, but it didn't pop as much as the green did.

    off topic: At the ala moana macy's I saw a giani bernini sterling necklace in a case that was labeled "marine link" that was so close to an H chaine d'ancre choker I did a double take.
  15. The least glamorous stack- idk what to layer with this since it's mother of pearl- ive been putting it with random bead bracelets I've made bcuz I'm still in my "I'm afraid to damage it" phase.

    And The pic I was playing around to see how the bracelet would look layered with another 5 motif on me... I loved it! I wish I bought two at the same time!

    I think my fave look is a smooth bead bracelet with two 5 motifs!
    image-444555332.jpg image-3302349790.jpg image-3660073315.jpg