spinoff! what do you layer with your VCA 5 motif bracelets?

  1. Ahhhh I see checking online, maybe that's what it is. Thank you.
  2. No they don't show it online it is definitly on store try calling them :smile:
  3. no prob! ;)
  4. Here's my latest layer. I link my Hermes children's bracelet with a green Swarovski BTY. I like green, gold, and black together.
  5. I layer mine with an estate diamond tennis bracelet.
  6. i think both of your pics are testaments to how versatile these bracelets are!
  7. LOVE your greann SBTY!!!:love: I have posted this pic somewhere, but to juxtapose yours!:amuse:
  8. Wow what a stack einseine, I am lusting for the onyx 5 motif and I love your link bracelet. I believe I read in another thread that is the tiffany bracelet for charms. I have been collecting the Schlumberger egg charms so I will have to splurge for the bracelet soon to put them on.
  9. here are a couple turquoise stacks.
    vca bracelets 002.jpg vca bracelets 003.jpg
  10. G&Smommy the stack with your pave ring is tdf. Also I love your stack Junkenpo, I have never seen a Hermes childrens bracelet, it's so cute.
  11. These both are my dream stacks!!!! I'd love a second 5 motif in either turquoise or the solid gold...

    LOVE the gold bangle! Where is that from? What is the inscription on it?

    ALso love your whole VCA collection!!
  12. ahhh i LOVE the schlumberger egg charms!!! I've been dying for the lapis one! I never thought of collecting several of them. Which ones do you have? Do you have pics?
  13. Hello LVoeletters, the gold bangle with the roman numerals is from Costco online a few years ago. Yes aren't those egg charms beautiful. I will post a pic in the Tiffany thread next week when I get my 3rd one the pink opal, I have the lapis and malachite so for. I thought I would get the egg charms than the bracelet. Right now I just wear them on a chain.
  14. Thanks!
  15. I love all of the stacks posted here! Seeing the lovely pics of the Alhrambra bracelets being worn in the main VCA thread was my inspiration for getting my own bracelet!