Spinoff: what about metallic abbey med shoulder bag?

  1. I saw another poster's thread about the abbey shoulder bag and wouldn't you know it, I JUST came back from Gucci looking at that same bag. My question is if you had to pick, would you pick the brown or the metallic trim? I'm wondering if the metallic would be "out of season" or be "out" in general soon or look too garish/tacky?

    Thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated..thx!

  2. I personally prefer the classic brown. It will never go out of style. Go with your gut instinct.
  3. I bought the one in metallic for my mom as a birthday gift. I am just fond of limited edition stuff like that. I agreed that you won't go wrong with classic styles.
  4. I prefer the classic brown....it's easy to go with any outfits IMO.
  5. the metallic one is absolutely chic for this spring - summer and it's a limited edition too.

    if you want to use it in long term the brown one is better
  6. the brown one is more versatile.
  7. Thanks guys for all the responses! I think you're right, brown is more versatile!