Spinoff to "Resale Value" post...For those that have sold some of their handbags...

  1. Did you make a profit on the sale(s)?

    If so, what designer bag was it?
  2. When I make a profit, it's usually been LV. I usually break even on Balenciaga, although with a couple of past season bags, I made just a few bucks. I don't mark my bags up to a crazy price when I sell them, even if it is discontinued & desirable.

  3. Usually with Louis Vuitton, since their prices go up. I haven't really sold anything else though, so I can't say. B-bags seem to hold their value well from what I've seen.
  4. Once in a blue moon; I usually break even. Right now I am still trying to sell two bags on eBay and between relisting, etc. I am going to lose out big time!!
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