Spinoff Question: How about Tall Women and Birkin 30?

Mizzle's thread about petite women and 35s got me wondering. Are there tall women who prefer to carry the 30?

Good question! I'm 5.9" and very thin, and when I tried on what the SA "said" was a Birkin 30, it looked too small. However, it was SO small that after seeing pics of other tall women with 30's I believe what they showed me was smaller than a 30 (25?). In any case, I'd love to try a 30 so that I have a "going out in the evening/casual when I don't want to carry a Kelly" Birkin since I think the 35 is too big for that (but perfect otherwise). So I'm curious to see what others think....
Melania ***** carries a 30cm birkin. She's quite tall and the 30birkin looks great on her. She could carry larger, but being in her station there's probably no reason to be carrying much other than her makeup and wallet. There are pictures of her in the Star & Hermes thread.
Pinkish, I think after toting JPG Birkin around, everything seems small in comparison. In all fairness though, I have never tried on a 30cm (only 25 and 35) so I won't say any more till I actually try one on.:smile:
That's the magic of the birkin design: the same size bag can look good us all. It looks much bigger when it carried open and the sides are folding out, so that's one way to scale it up or down.
I have *tried* on a 35 (wish I bought it too) and it looked perfect on me. I am 5'10 and also *tried* on a 30 and thought it was ok- but a bit too small for everyday for me. You are all the experts though!!