Spinoff: Question about Tags on bags?

  1. In a spinoff from melikemochi's thread, I have a questions about tags on bags. I was under the impression that only fake bags had tags hanging off of them.

    Today I was in the store looking at an Indigo Houston that the sweet SA had transferred for me and the bag had a TAG hanging on it. Seriously. I just real casually asked "oh I have never seen a tag on these before" and she told me that it transferred from the Chicago store and they must have done it? It was kind of weird, anyone heard of them doing that to floor models maybe? It had a paper tag on a plastic loop and then there was a the price sticker (which looked like the price tag that is normally in the bag with a security thingy in between them.) Anyway, I loved the bag, but the straps were to short for my tastes, so I did not get it. But I was weirded out by the tag? :shrugs:

    Does anyone else worry about someone returning a superfake to the store and the SA's not knowing any better and putting it back into the stock for sale? :wtf: Maybe I am just being paranoid. :rolleyes:
  2. Rarely ?

    My BH came with the model tag on it, paper with a plastic loop attached to the dust bag. This was from the back though, and not on display.
  3. The SAs normally cut the tags off before they put them out on the floor. This must have been one that just came in or was from stock.
    As long as it was attached with a clear plastic loop it's fine. The tags people refer to as being on fakes are the ones that are made of thread and have that round plastic piece about the size of a dime that says "LV" on it. They'll also have the "fabric swatch" on them.
    But no, as long as it's from the store, it's perfectly fine..they wouldn't let any fakes back into stock.
  4. yeah, that seems possible to me....I notice different things at each of the stored I've dealth with.....
  5. There's a video that's on MTV from the time Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey went to the Rodeo Drive Boutique to get Daisy a new Sac Chien, a Baxter collar, and a leash. The SA brings out the Baxter collar with tags attatched with a clear plastic looping thingy like like Rebecca stated. ;) I hope this helps...

    Here's the link: (It's the 19th video I believe...)
    MTV | Jessica Simpson - Music Videos, Video, Performances, and Show Appearances on MTV
  6. yea they come with tags on, and are removed promptly if they need to be on the floor. if you've ever looked at your tags after you buy it, the tags have a little hole at the top of it.. why else is the hole there? for aerodynamics through the processing and shipment? hehehe. :P
  7. That cracked me up!
  8. Yeah I've seen a few bags like that...the SA is supposed to remove that...and are usually they're supposed to remove the plastic wrappings on the handles...
  9. i was also questioning this, my friend bought the Epi Demi-lune and it had a tag attached, i was really confused, she had store bag, box, dustbag, receipt