Spinoff of GST/Work Post: What bag do you wear to work? Chanel or other

  1. Share what bag or bags you carry to work.
  2. I wear my PST to work, but usually leave it in my little office. My paperwork and necessities are hauled around in my briefcase or a large tote during the day.
  3. Black cerf tote :smile: or black Mulberry bayswater.
  4. I have to admit I use my LV Manhattan PM as my everyday/workbag (even though this is the Chanel forum). If i travel or visit clients I use a corporate tote with my company logo (a bit corny but practical and best of all free to me). I also have a black leather Longchamp tote that is great for paperwork -- I would love to replace this with a Chanel tote but I keep buying more fun bags instead of a work tote!
  5. I wear my LV multiple cite to work.
  6. I would be kinda scared to wear my chanel to work. Afraid someone might try to swipe it.
  7. i wear the followings bags the most to work
    - chanel beige classic flap
    - lv black epi alma (can store lunch box)
    - chanel black petite shopping (also can store lunch box)
    - tod's large shopping tote (when attend lessons)
    - prada beige shopping tote (as above)
  8. LV backpack.
  9. Ohh I just take my kooba to work because it's pretty low key!
  10. i usually use a kate spade nylon messenger bag most of the time (it's the perfect book bag in the hospital), but if it's a more dressy work-related function (such as an interview), i use my black tod's d-bag.
  11. What I usually bring to work:

    - LV speedy (mine is red Epi)
    - Blue Jean birkin 35 cm, fits all my papers and books!
    - Fendi spy, is very roomy
    - And since last friday, my beige GST as most of my papers fit there too. Love it!
  12. Right now a Marc Jacobs Sophia...I haven't even told anyone I bought a Chanel yet..Actually I don't want anyone to know that I can afford it...I'll be up for a raise soon and don't want anything like that to be a contributing factor based on my personal expenses...:shame: Sometimes I feel like a wimp! :heart: Emmy
  13. Usually either my GST or Cert Tote. Today, I am carrying my Cerf Tote.
  14. I mostly carry my chanel cambon medium tote.
  15. I have a LV monogram laptop case that I carry to work and then I switch purses (usually my Chanel's but I sometimes take my large LV speedy).