Spinoff from the Shop Alone thread... Your Friends

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  1. I like shopping by myself. My friends and coworkers are way too critical of how I spend MY money. If I'm not planning on buying anything (which is almost impossible) I'll cruise with my friends. I went on a shopping trip with my coworkers to King of Prussia and I wore them out. They can't hang with me.
    My mother "in her prime" (that's her words not mines) she could do the marathons I have been doing for the past 3 months, but I've been learning to do sprints instead in order to ease the way I drop 1300 bucks on a Muse bag.
    But that's why I love being on here. I can be completely free and open with my new bag purchases without feeling guilty someone can't afford it or doesn't have one. We all appreciate bags and it hits me right here *taps heart*. So I'm going to keep shopping by myself or with my mom because we get it.