Spinoff from the Shop Alone thread... Your Friends

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  1. I notice that a lot of you ladies posted that you like to shop alone because your friends don't understand... Suzy even said that she didn't want to compromise friendships!

    Do you really feel like your friends are put off by or are critical of your shopping?
  2. i have 1 or 2 friends who sort of understand my spending habit but honestly a lot of the time i try to keep my shopping/spending to myself because when i do open my mouth i get the "wow she's shallow/superficial" look...........but i love beautiful things and they make me happy

    but then again that may be because most of my friends are male and they dont' understand spending $100 on a bag much less $1000
  3. my problem is that i'm too blunt...if i don't like it, i'll say it, and if you know me then you know that's just how I am, but some friends still get kinda angry/mad/sad/hurt...sometimes it's hard biting your tongue...me personally, i'd rather a friend tell me that the shirt/pants/outfit make me look fat/old/etc., then let me walk around thinking I'm cute, knowing I look a H.A.M.
  4. When I got into my friend's car this evening to go for dinner she took one quick look at me and said, "That isn't another new bag, is it?" She asked it in a kind of disapproving way. When I said that it was in a non-apologetic way she softed her tone and said, "I'm never going to have to buy another bag. I'll just borrow yours." Aside from this remark, she really is a good friend. I'll let it slide.
  5. ahh yes, i hide my purchases in my big closet, and wait until i can say, this old thing?? i got it months ago....
  6. I'm at school in NJ now, but my friends at home just don't have the same style as me. They are very basic in their style, which isnt bad, but at 20 years old you'd think theyd like to indulge in a few trends or have a little fun with their clothes!
  7. I can go on a binge hee hee and spend $$$$$. I think it's human nature that some friends are a little put off b/c they absolutely could not afford to do that. Our friendships are strong though, they know it's how I am and I work hard for the money (so hard for it honey, sorry couldn't resist ;)
  8. Well for me and my gal pals, I can only talk about and shop for so many kitchen utensils and groceries before Im ready to gag. They just have no interest in fashion, bags, etc. Thats why Im having such a blast with this fourm. Finally women who GET ME! If I want to talk about my true passions for bags, I have you. And if it has to do with a kitchen spatula, I just give my other girls a call. They never have gotten it and I'm done trying. But yeah, they will always be my friends.
  9. A lot of my friends in college didn't have the same background I did, so at times I felt uncomfortable with things I"d have or my parents would buy me or I'd buy. And some I swear it was like once you left Gap and went into stores even like Bloomies or Nordstrom, they were just so out of their element and uncomfortable with what things cost...and instead of them shopping with me, it just wasn't fun because they automatically felt like they couldn't buy anything so it would be me walking around and them watching on. Not really fun shopping in my book! My friends from home/HS have the same spending habits, so at least they can understand the purchases and don't criticize. And my co-workers...hehe they just think I'm a spoiled brat, even though I pretty much pay for my own shopping.

    I guess around some people I'd actually hide or lie about how much things cost or what brands things were because I didn't really want them to know or even ask.
  10. i opt to shop alone. that way i can go when i want and leave when i want. my friends sometimes give me a hard time with my purses, but its my vice...the only person who sort of understands id my bf. and i find a lot of girls (my age at least) who are into bags are competitive . so i just keep my hobby to myself pretty much.
  11. i shop alone whenever possible. i think having people shop with me would just be alienating because i'm honestly a lot more fashionable than most of my friends and i'm also a lot more willing to spend money on clothes/shoes/bags, and i don't want things to be awkward. i also don't want them to feel pressured to try and keep up with me.
  12. I just like shopping by myself or with my mom. I guess it's because I don't really like to wait around. I'm kind of good about spending really little time at a certain store because I know what I want. When I go shopping with people most of the time I have to compromise with what they want to see and well it's ok, but I'd rather shop by myself. I love shopping with my mom coz she's so blunt and we have different styles but she knows what works for me. She has really honest opnions and will tell me that I look like crap. I guess another person that I don't mind shopping with is my bf, I think he really understands me. I mean I do spend a lot of money shopping but I'm the type of person that buys really classic and basic stuff to mix together with everything that I have.
  13. I love shopping with my friends because IMO it's more fun and afterwards we're having lunch or dinner. Even I'm the only one with a bag addiction they are very supportive.
  14. ditto. I can concentrate better when I shop alone, then I'm not influenced by what my friends think. I like shopping with them for fun, but not shopping when I seriously have an intense desire to buy something, if you know what I mean.
    I almost always like shopping with my mom though.
  15. actually, i hate shopping along. in fact i hate doing anything alone unless i'm alone at home in the peace and quiet. i have friends whose parents make as much as mine but their parents don't let them shop as much. fortunately i have a friend (who is way richer!) that likes to go shopping with me and we both LOVE big sunglasses...in fact i helped her pick out some really cute yves saint laurent glasses a couple weeks ago :biggrin:

    also, her mom has a bunch of chanel purses...i want to go over to her house and see them!!!