Spinoff from Muggles Post: Who bought an MJ from the Shopbop sale?

  1. From the ZC frenzy:

    Soft Leather Classic Zip Clutch in Bordeaux

  2. so gorgeous. i like it with the pink shoes! :love:
  3. ^^^Nice zip clutch!

    I picked up the Mayfair in Teal from Shopbop for 20% off on "cyber Monday" (the Monday after Thanksgiving). Love it! Taking it to New York with me this weekend.



  4. love the mayfair. i love how is folds over. have fun in nyc.
  5. Here is my Blake. I got it from the $250 off $1000 sale last month.
    Screenshot 2.jpg
  6. very versatile!
  7. waterlily, your black blake is so pretty. the gold hardware is stunning against the calf leather :smile: