Spinoff: Ever wonder if fake bag sellers...

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  1. carry their own fakes or the real thing? I wonder with all of the money that they make from fakes, do they spend it on the real thing for themselves...or does the bad taste spill over to their own closets.:lol:
  2. Good Question! My first thought was that their bad taste does spill over into their own closets..........Once you have the REAL AUTHENTIC item, see and feel the quality, craftsmanship,details...(by any designer) How in the heck, if you had any sense.....even entertain the thought of a fake? Maybe they are just cheap. As in quantity, not QUALITY. Look at how many bags I have.....
  3. Well I know they say that drug dealers never use their own product; it's all illegal; I would bet they don't, that way they can show their real bag off to potential suckers to lure them into buying the knock-offs.
  4. Good point Loganz! Show the real thing..bait and switch.:amazed:
  5. I'm sure with all of the money that they dupe honest people out of they are carrying the real thing. Heck they probably take pictures of their real ones to help sell the fakes.

    i wish they would crack down on this and start sending people to jail or fining them big time!