Spinoff- Do you ever actually make money selling on the *Bay?

  1. Mods- hope I posted in the right forum (as I wanted to reach a general audience), but please move to eBay forum if you think it is more appropriate there. Thank you!

    So, as a spin off to Songofthesea, who just sold her old collection in order to begin a new collection. Do you actually ever sell a bag for more than you paid when you purchased it? My collection is so small I can't imagine selling any. I ask purely because I'm interested. Every now and then I see fellow PFers on the Bay (with absolutely beautiful bags for sale!), and I guess I got to thinking about this Q.
  2. I guess it comes to a point when you either have too many bags and you want a smaller collection or if you get tired of the bag or you haven't used it in a while. It happens to everyone. Maybe you didn't have the experience yet but at some point you'll wish you had another bag instead of the one you carrying and you go to eBay!
  3. I've never made more money but I have gotten a substantial amount back to put towards a new one. Two of my Louis Vuitton bags that I sold on eBay I only lost about $20 bucks. So that was quite a bit to put towards something else. It's a great way to help fund new bags and get rid of ones you aren't using.
  4. I made more money than I spent on one bag I sold - but I got the bag half-off, and it's a rare bag. I only made about $20 more, so when you factored in ebay and paypal fees, it actually worked out to about the same.

    I've sold two other bags for the exact price I paid for them (but again, I got both at samples sales about a year before I sold them).
  5. From the bags i sell i try to get what i paid for! which is fine with me as i can then put towards that on a new bag or for what ever i need with the money. only selling the bags cause i either fell out of love with it and i hardly use it. Its annoying sometimes i dont get back with what i paid for but thats just normal high street bags so it isnt so bad
  6. I agree with everyone else. I hardly ever make as much as and never more than I paid for a bag. It just makes me feel less guilty selling a bag I hardly ever use to acquire a new one.
  7. I've never made anything....not a profit that's for sure. I'm lucky to break even. I use the money to fund another bag, so as long as I get something....it's better than nothing I guess. I only feel this way about bags that I won't ever use again.