1. I have just gotten into the mode of getting serious about doing cardio to lose this extra 10 or so pounds I have gained since HS and I really enjoy spinning. These may be dumb questions but...
    1-Does spinning help aid in weightloss?
    2-How many calories do you typically burn (1 hour class)
    3-Is it okay to do this every day?

  2. Spinning does aid in weightloss and building up the muscles in your legs. The amount of calories depends on your weight so for example if you were about a 150 lbs you could probably burn 400 calories or more if you are getting your heart rate up for long periods of time and making this into a really hard workout instead of just a casual bike ride. I personally don't think you could do everyday you would have to give your leg muscles some off time to rest. HTH :smile:
  3. I think Spinning is an excellent way to lose weight. The classes are really intense, however, so I would recommend 3x/week, such as M, W, F. If you go first thing in the morning, make sure you have something in your stomach or you could become very lightheaded (this happened to me).
  4. Spinning is a good cardio workout. It's fun, non-impact and really does get you sweating. I agree with lori, don't overdo it.

    Try mixing up your cardio options - walk or run on the treadmill or outside, use the elliptical or stepmill/stairmaster, take a kickboxing class, etc. It will prevent boredom, so that you're not sick of Spinning after a few weeks. Also, it can be a high intensity workout, and you should vary the intensity of your workouts.
  5. Spinning is excellent exercise. I just went to a one hour class this afternoon and this couple wore heart monitors and at the end of class the women said she burned about 530 calories and the man said he burned about 700.

    It depends on who your spinning instructor is too. Ive had real good ones (like today) and also ones that don't really push you.
  6. Thanks all for the help. I'm 127 lbs and looking to lose 10-12 lbs, so i will definitely look into doing spin 3x and other cardio on the weekends and during the week.
  7. I tried it once and I thought the concept was fun, but the seat hurt soooo bad and was really painful after! I saw that some ppl had seat cover/pad things. I wonder if those help?
  8. ^^^ They say you get used to it after a few times. Spinning is really intense so I only do it once a week. I run and do the eliptical other days.
  9. I LOVE spin class - because I get lost in the music.
    I should concentrate on my workout, but for me its a great escape and stress reliever.
  10. Honestly, it stops hurting after a few classes. Don't give yourself too much time between classes, because it will hurt every time you go in. You have to get used to it. I tried spinning for the first time a few years ago, and I decided to not go back for a while because my pubic bone hurt so much. Well, when I went back a few weeks later, the pain was just as intense. :crybaby:I avoided spinning for the next couple of years because I thought it was going to hurt that much every time. That's definitely not the case, though! I go now 2-3 times a week, and after the first 4 or 5 classes I didn't really mind the seat too much. I guess you figure out how to sit on it for maximum comfort. :shrugs:

    I have also heard many people in my classes say that the gel seats are definitely not worth it. In fact, some have complained that it makes their groin area MORE sore than just sitting on the seat alone. In addition, I've heard that they're kinda slippery.
  11. Absolutely, spinning is wonderful. You will not see immediate results though. I've been spinning about 3x a week for about two solid years. I've noticed the biggest results in my outer thigh, and the muscles right above my knee (the name has slipped my mind right now). As for the seat, you definately get used to it after a few classes (in the mean time it will feel like a rod is stuck up there lol)
  12. I have recently gotten into spinning as well. I like how it's challenging while being low-impact on my knees. It's true about the seat hurting - once you learn how to adjust the seat properly and attend a few classes, it's much more bearable. I go once a week or so. Like others have said, I wouldn't go every day - try every other day or mix it in with other classes.
  13. I discovered spinning a couple of months ago. I was advised to use a gel seat the first couple of times, it semed to help, I didn't need it after about the 5th class. Because I just love spinning, I asked one of the fitness instructers at my gym how often it could be done without risking injury and she told me that they are advised to do no more than 4 x a week. I had a bit of trouble with the bottoms of my feet hurting while spinning so I bought a pair of spinning shoes with a hard sole (no cleats though, so I can still walk around in them) and they are worth the money if you're going to spin a lot.