Spin: Where WON'T your carry your LV?


Sep 21, 2010
This is a spin off other posts (taking LV to the grocery store, wearing casual clothes with LV)....

I'm a mom of three (4yrs, 21 mo, 5 mo) and I carry my bags pretty much everywhere...and I wear them when dressed up, or, as it is more often than not, while wearing yoga pants and tees. I've taken the bags to preschool, music groups, playgroups, the playground.

However, we will be going to places such as the zoo and Ontario Place, and I'm wondering if I will take my bags there - the prospect of them becoming extra dirty, covered in water from water parks really is making me think twice.

Am I over-reacting? Will they be okay, or am I going to risk potential damage and stains (to plates/hardware, canvas, vachetta)? Where won't you carry your LV?


Aug 22, 2007
I made the mistake of taking my Epi Speedy to a Salt Mine exhibition and it was in my way going down the old mine shafts; should have taken a cross body. But...yes anywhere where you have to ride rides/slides/go in grungy tunnels or pick up children out of dirt and sand.
I took my Neverfull to the park one day and an army of ants infiltrated my bag. While I tried to shake them out I knocked over my Diet coke and it proceeded to spill on my bag. Thank goodness for DAMIER Ebene! Well, needless to say I don't like taking my bags to the park anymore in the spring/summer;)
I just took my brand new Daily PM to "Sports/Field Day" at school and put her down for 3 minutes to participate in the parent tug-o-war. When I got my bag there was a footprint on the vachetta...I took my Coach bag to my other child's sports day two days later.
Not planning on taking any bags to the pool/beach. I bought a PVC Furla tote that is a dedicated beach bag....say no to sand/water/ants/footprints!