Spin Shoes

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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right subforum, but I thought I'd try.

    I've recently gotten into spinning and want to get shoes to make my work out more effective. I apparently have wide-ish feet and I'd prefer not to spend a ton of money or something I'll wear 1-2x a week. I'm nervous to buy online without trying them on and bike shops don't have a good selection this time of year. Any suggestions? TIA! :smile:
  2. Well I have no advice to give, but I'm also interested in getting an relatively inexpensive pair, so someone please help us!! :smile:
  3. First off, I'd definitely go to the bike store and try them on. You need to make sure the shoes fit properly--they are supposed to be snug without the heel of your foot being loose--which is why many shoes come with those plastic clips to ensure a tighter fit.

    I paid $120 for mine, though they were more top-notch than I would have preferred...basically, I paid for a higher model because of the plastic clip, since my feet kept slipping out of other models. There are two types of spin shoes--ones for mountain biking and ones for road biking. I got the latter for my spin classes. I think the mountain ones tend to be cheaper(?). You also need to pay for cleats (SPD for me) to hook into the bike pedals.

    I really love my spin shoes and they made all the difference in my spinning...you work out many more muscles that way. I just bit the bullet on mine, though I know a lot of people have gotten good deals, especially online. My instructor said he got his for $20 on amazon, but you need to try on a few pairs in the store so you know what size you are in each brand.

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the info! I just got into spinning, and I LOVE IT!

    I went to the class this morning, and basically stared at the instructor's lower legs the entire class. Pure muscle!
  5. Good to know this. I'm still only using my regular workout shoes since I wasn't sure how I'd like the class and if I'd continue doing it. And since I'm now going 3-4x week, it's probably time to invest in a pair.
  6. I take spinning for many years and spinning shoes are must! You can get really nice pair for 80-100 $ + clips around 15$ and it will last you forever.My shoes are 5-6 years old and look like brand new. I would never buy spinning shoes on line because you have to try them on for sure.
    I got my from bike store. Good luck and enjoy a ride in new shoes soon!!!!
  7. Glad you bumped up this thread. I was able to find a nice pair that I really like! I'll put up the details when I remember!
  8. I just got a spinning bike yesterday and I had no idea that I needed special shoes :blush: I felt so dumb! specially because I've been doing spinning for the last 20 years (on and off... more off than on) and I never catched that! :wacko:
    Can anybody tell me where I can find them? besides a bike store (which I've never seen around my area)